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Top Work Places 2021

Winning the Top Workplaces award is proof this organization really does put our people first.  It means having a group of employees who strive to make today better than yesterday.  A group of managers who own their performance, their team’s performance, the company’s performance, and the clients’ experience.  A group of people who make you feel like family.

We are honored to win this award because the judges were our very own employees!

We value this award because we have always provided a voice to our employees.  Every month we do a survey pulse check to measure engagement, evaluate feedback & make adjustments.  The longer form survey through TN Top Work Places, gathers responses on 24 factors covering seven areas, including organizational health factors that measure how well employees are working together toward a common cause:

  • Alignment — where the company is headed, its values, cooperation
  • Effectiveness — doing things well, sharing different viewpoints, encouraging new ideas
  • Connection — employees feel appreciated, their work is meaningful
  • My manager — cares about concerns, helps employees learn and grow

In addition, the survey asks employees about other factors:

  • Employee engagement — motivation, retention and referral
  • Leader — confidence in company leadership
  • The basics — pay, benefits, flexibility, training, expectations

In our office, our community, and our personal lives we support and encourage each other to push past what we thought was possible and actualize our potential.  Thank you to our clients & the Thomas & Company family for empowering us with purpose & allowing us to enable your success.

Culture during COVID-19

I don’t believe any company was truly prepared for this pandemic.  However, I would argue that companies with a strong culture are better equipped to face such an obstacle.

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” ~ Ryan Holiday (Author)

Building a business one client at a time over 25 years has many advantages. For our clients it means they receive the best service from the best people in the industry. For our associates it means they work with a team that is fully invested in enabling their success and they can count on leadership to always have their best interests at heart. Below are some highlights of what we’ve done and how they helped us not only survive but thrive during these unprecedented times.

Purpose & Values

All the decisions we make are based off our purpose and values.  How will we “Enable the Success” of our colleagues while doing the same for our clients?  Easy.  Live out our core values.


During times of uncertainty you must communicate effectively with colleagues.  Luckily, we have an intranet platform that aides in our communication.  Not only were we informing our colleagues but building trust on how leadership was managing this new environment.


Our Solidarity Shout-Out program makes peer to peer appreciation easy and accessible.  When you have colleagues going above and beyond daily, it’s important to share how much the company values their work.  It was an easy decision to give each colleague a gift card to show our appreciation.  As the days working from home turned to weeks, we followed up with flowers, motivational cards, meditation cards, and even T&C custom face masks.

Meeting Their Needs

Truly listening to our employees. Focus on their needs and proactively address their concerns.  Software updates, hardware updates, and attracting additional talent.  Another need was connectivity with teammates we once connected with on a daily basis.  Yes, we did some Zoom happy hours.  We also created videos using Zoom to spread some good vibes.  A ‘Good Vibes Only’ video series where we interviewed colleagues and allowed them to share their good vibes message to teammates or even sing us a song.

Culture has always been one a differentiator for our organization.  This pandemic was simply an opportunity to highlight and strengthen our culture.



All Hands on Deck

Kicking off 2020 the right way by celebrating our colleagues.  Read more about it below.

In our first AHOD meeting of the year we looked ahead and communicated our vision for 2020.  Department heads stood in front of the entire company and shared the expectations they had for their team.  Stating a clear vision of how their department will enable the success of our clients.

One of the key themes to the AHOD is celebration.  We were happy to announce the latest additions to our Hall of Fame wall with five years of service to our clients, Nate Kenney (COO) and Jessica Ralston (Quality Control Manager).  These two have had too many contributions to list, but both excel in helping others to believe in themselves and achieve more than they thought is possible.

The celebrating didn’t end there as we announced our inaugural Core Purpose & Core Value winners of 2019.

The Core Purpose award “To Enable Success” was presented to Lloyd Layne whom truly has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a large part of the success of Thomas and Company both internally and externally.  In his role as Manager of Data Operations, he has continuously implemented systematic efficiencies, and improved processes resulting in greater bandwidth for the entire team..  He jumps at the chance to help his colleagues save time on data related tasks.

Ashley Parry was awarded “Remember Who We Are” with more than 11 years with Thomas and Company, she has a proud service history and prides herself on doing things the right way.

Jessica Ralston is focused on being better today than she was yesterday and actualizing her potential. Therefore the “Always Improving” award was presented to her as she continues to push herself and her team to be more efficient and deliver more value.

The “Own It” award went to Taylor Bennett because no project is too big, nor too small, and “that’s not my job” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary.  Taylor’s vast list of accomplishments range from the large-scale deployment of new servers, to the implementation of complex storage hardware, and dynamic security initiatives.

Amanda Wulforst supports our clients and her co-workers by sharing her knowledge, approaching all communication with kindness and appreciation, and handling every situation with grace.  Amanda has your back, as well as the award for “Solidarity.”

Congratulations once again to our Core Purpose & Core Value winners!

Tacky Holiday Sweater Party

Having some fun in fellowship

Tacky Attire

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can wear anyone down.  We combated those holiday blues with bright, gaudy, and tacky attire.  Add in a friendly gingerbread house competition and the banter and laughter were plentiful.

Holiday Luncheon

Showing Gratitude

It has been a Thomas & Company tradition to pause around this time of year and recognize our most valuable resource, our people.  Their hard work and dedication continues to enable success for our clients.  It’s a short break to sit together in solidarity and enjoy fellowship as an opportunity to build upon our camaraderie and culture.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Joyful Holiday Season!

Rock Star Colleagues

10+ Years of

Enabling Success

Last year we provided custom platinum records to 7 employees who have been with us for 20 or more years.  They are the ones who put down the tracks and forged this culture and quite frankly deserve a platinum record on their wall.  This year we handed out 23 custom lead guitars to colleagues who have been with Thomas & Company for 10 or more years.  These are the Rock Stars of T&C who have enabled our success and created thousands of fans along the way.

Thanksgiving Brunch

Thanksgiving Brunch

Servant Leadership

““Take care of the people who take care of you,” is some of the best advice I’ve ever received. Servant leadership is a guiding principal at Thomas & Company and plays a major role in how the leadership team operates. It is truly rewarding to have the opportunity to express our appreciation for the impressive group of people that make our company great. We’re thankful for each and every team member here at Thomas & Company. ”

Jim ThomasCEO

Hollywood Halloween 2019

We are always looking for opportunities create camaraderie by having some fun and socializing in the office.  Halloween gave us this opportunity as well as giving each colleague the ability to express their individuality.  This year’s theme was ‘Hollywood Halloween’ where each department, team, or group chose a movie or television show as the basis for their costumes.  As you can see in the images below, we have some creative groups who perfectly portrayed Saturday Night Live, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Grey’s Anatomy, Snoopy and more.  We awarded trophies for best individual costume (Dora the Explorer), best group/duo (Shinning Twins), and department (Snoopy).

A Look Inside

Hollywood Halloween

Play Video

Tough Mudder

Tough & Company take on the Tough Mudder

Not your average team building event, but a memorable one none the less.  On October 5th a group of Thomas & Company employees plus a few friends and relatives took on the endurance race known as the Tough Mudder.  This race consists of 8.5 miles and 25 obstacles that play on common fears such as fire, water, electricity and heights.  Each participant must rely on other “mudders” in order to complete this race, making it more of a team event than an individual race.  Our team relied on each other to persevere through adversity.  We all face obstacles in our day to day tasks, but when you know you have a teammate right next to you willing to lend a hand, those obstacles are a little easier to overcome.  A few bumps, scrapes and bruises were endured, but the overall experience brought us closer together for a memory we won’t soon forget.

50+ at 5+ Years!

Hall of Fame

On August 19th Amy Johnson was welcomed into the Thomas & Company Hall of Fame as the 50th colleague with a tenure of at least five years.  Two weeks later we welcomed Becca Simmons as our 51st Hall of Fame colleague. We are truly grateful for these two colleagues and the time they have contributed to enabling the success of T&C and our clients.

Both have been exceptional team members within their departments.  Amy on the Hearings & Decisions Administrative team and Becca on the Claims team.

Congratulations Amy & Becca!  We look forward to many more wonderful years together.