Unemployment Cost Management

For nearly three decades, Thomas & Company has helped our clients achieve outstanding results and savings by managing unemployment claims. Our comprehensive approach includes:


A project manager, supported by our data integrity team, will work with your team to develop an implementation project plan and serve as your single point of contact during the entire process.

Initial Review

After an in-depth audit to verify tax rate calculations (and correct them if necessary) and identify overpayments, we’ll submit applications to the state unemployment office for refunds or credits. We’ll also put proactive strategies in place to eliminate overpayments in the future.

Claims Administration

Our comprehensive unemployment claims management approach starts with a dedicated claims analyst, who will partner with you to ensure all claims responses are submitted in a thorough and timely manner. And in the event of an appeals hearing, an unemployment hearings representative will guide you in preparing documentation and witnesses.

Benefit Charge Audits

Our experienced staff, proprietary software and quality control methods eliminate overpayments by ensuring your benefit charges are accurate.

Unemployment Tax Management

We work with state agencies to assist you with:

  • Tax Rate Verification and Projections — Including verifying annual unemployment tax rate notices, comparing your taxable wages and benefit charges with state data, uncovering errors, filing protests on your behalf and projecting rates for the coming year.
  • Mergers / Acquisitions / Restructuring — Providing strategic analysis on how to minimize unemployment liability as a result of these activities.
  • Transfers of Unemployment Experience — Reviewing recent changes and your future plans to determine the best approach to your unemployment taxes when considering a transfer of experience.
  • Voluntary Contributions / Joint Account Analysis — Evaluating the feasibility of these options and providing recommendations based on state rules.


We tailor content, format and media to each client, combining in-person training with extensive web-based materials and video tutorials.


We provide both standard and custom reporting to clients, with real-time performance data broken down by state, region and location. We can also customize role hierarchies and user accessibility.


Thomas & Company’s Secure Human Resource Information Exchange Loading Device (SHIELD) is the most secure, intuitive, and efficient communication platform for unemployment claims management.

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