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Tax Credits & Incentives

When it comes to managing tax credits and incentives, nothing beats experience. Each of our partners and senior managers has spent at least 15 years identifying and generating significant savings for our clients.

The Tax Credit Process Explained

By exploring, securing, and implementing available credits and incentives, businesses can potentially avoid paying unnecessary taxes, obtain immediate tax refunds, manage operational costs, improve earnings before interest and tax, expand net income, and increase shareholder value.

T&C will engage your stakeholders and support your efforts with the tax credit and incentive process.  The first step in implementing a successful program is collaborating with our clients to understand the current goals of the business and tax position.  Once we have insight into the specific details of our client’s organization, we can begin the process of analyzing and identifying the credits and incentives that will deliver the most value.  When the analysis is complete and the identification process has concluded, together we access the return on investment on each opportunity, information needed to support claiming the credit and/or incentive, and the timing.  This information will then be used to formulate the order we will take in preparing our complete tax credit & incentive package and implementation schedule.

T&C has subject matter experts on staff including MBA’s, CPA’s, and resources with deep technical knowledge that will support throughout the implementation process.  Our clients always have access to this vast repository of resources as we know this is what drives a successful tax credit and incentive program.

As we work through capturing the incentives available, we will report out on the success of our efforts.  The reports and analysis that we deliver to our clients very clearly demonstrates the value of all the work that is being completed to secure the benefits.

Finally, we always consult with our clients around using the credits and incentives that have been secured to offset tax liability.  We advise about when and where the benefits should be deployed most effectively, and we will assist with any questions around documentation.

If a taxing authority has any questions or concerns about a specific credit or incentive, our clients can rely on us to liaison with the entity and resolve any issue that may develop

Our Incentives Focus On


  • A $2,400 – $9,600 federal income tax credit is available for hiring employees who are members of targeted groups.


  • Tax savings of up to $3,000 (FEZ) are available to businesses in specified geographic zones who hire employees who reside in their zones.


  • Similar to WOTCs, several states offer credits for hiring employees in targeted groups.


  • Employers are eligible for a tax credit of up to $4,000 for new or current qualified employees.


  • We’ll help you take advantage of incentives associated with new expansion, relocations, job creation and equipment investment.