COVID-19 & the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission’s Town Hall

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) received more than 135,000 initial claims for unemployment benefits as a result of COVID-19. Therefore, the OESC will conduct a virtual town hall for the public. This town hall will provide information about the claims process and help answer frequently asked questions.

The town hall will begin at 1:00 pm on Friday, April 10, 2020. The OESC created an Eventbrite page for anyone who would want to register and attend the town hall. The Eventbrite page can be found at: https://www.eventbrite.com/d/online/oesc/. Registration is free and only a name and email address will be needed to register. Anyone who would like to participate in the virtual town hall may do so here: https://video.teleforumonline.com/video/streaming.php?client=19272. The OESC will call approximately 30,000 claimants and invite them to connect as well.

Our office will monitor COVID-19 updates closely and will send out additional announcements as we become aware of any updates. You can also review these updates on our website at https://www.thomas-and-company.com/covid-19/ too.

Please reach out to your representative with any questions.