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Feed the Need, STL

By April 24, 2024April 30th, 2024Culture

In a world often bustling with its own concerns and preoccupations, it’s heartening to witness individuals stepping forward to make a difference. Anyone can choose to get up and get out to volunteer. At Thomas & Company we offer Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to every employee as an additional benefit. This allows them to take up to 8 hours to volunteer with a 501(c) charity, providing an opportunity for everyone to contribute positively to their communities.

Recently, a group of Thomas & Company employees took advantage of this opportunity by volunteering their time and energy for a good cause “Feed the Need” St. Louis. During the meal packing event held at Queeny Park, these employees, along with 5,000 other volunteers, packed an astounding 1,221,696 meals. Each meal symbolized more than just sustenance; it embodied hope, nourishment, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow for countless children in need.

The ripple effect of their generosity extended far beyond the borders of St. Louis. Three truckloads of packed food were swiftly dispatched to nonprofit partners in Zambia, including Needs Care Trust and African Vision of Hope. This act of kindness transcended continents, providing sustenance to 3,347 children daily for an entire year.

But the impact didn’t stop there. In addition to their monumental efforts in meal packing, these individuals also contributed 56 barrels of canned food to Operation Food Search, amounting to a staggering 3.9 tons.

The significance of their actions cannot be overstated. Through their unwavering dedication and selflessness, these employees exemplify the power of collective action in creating meaningful change. Their story serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all of the profound difference we can make when we come together with purpose and compassion.

As we reflect on their volunteering, let us also follow the call to action in our own lives, knowing that even the smallest acts of kindness have the power to transform lives and communities, both near and far. Each of us has the capacity to make a positive impact on the world around us.

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