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Celebrating Four Years as a Tennessee Top Workplace

By June 6, 2024Culture

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, we are incredibly proud to announce that we have been recognized as a Tennessee Top Workplace for the fourth consecutive year. This prestigious award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our core purpose of Enabling Success. Our success is driven by our amazing team, our unique culture, and our shared values, which have guided us through decades of growth and transformation. 

Sticking to Our Core Purpose and Values 

At the heart of our achievements lies our core purpose: We Enable Success. This purpose is supported by our four core values that shape everything we do: 

Remember Who We Are
We honor our roots and the journey that has brought us to where we are today. Our legacy and history are the foundation of our future, reminding us to stay true to our principles and mission.
Own It
Accountability is key to our success. Every team member takes ownership of their role, responsibilities, and contributions, ensuring that we collectively drive the company forward.
Always Improving
We believe in continuous improvement, constantly seeking ways to innovate and enhance our processes, technologies, and services. This mindset has been crucial in our expansion and the addition of new lines of business.
We are a team, united in our goals and efforts. Our culture of solidarity fosters collaboration, support, and mutual respect, making us stronger together.

Growth and Achievements

Over the past three decades, we have experienced remarkable growth. Our workforce’s skill levels have surged, our technological capabilities have advanced, and our processes have become more efficient. We have diversified our offerings, venturing into new lines of business to better serve our clients and communities. These milestones are a direct result of our dedicated team and the culture of excellence we have cultivated. 

The People Behind Our Success

Our people are the cornerstone of our achievements. The leadership team, people leaders, and dedicated colleagues work tirelessly to uphold our values and drive our success. It is their passion, hard work, and commitment that have earned us the Tennessee Top Workplaces Award for four years in a row! 

This recognition is a celebration of our collective efforts and a reaffirmation that we are on the right path. It acknowledges the positive environment we have created, where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to contribute their best. 

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, this fourth Top Workplaces Award is a milestone that signifies our ongoing journey of growth and excellence. We take immense pride in this accomplishment, knowing that it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team. Our shared values and collective dedication continue to propel us forward, and we look to the future with optimism and determination. 

Thank you to every member of our team for making this possible. Together, we will continue to enable success, embrace our core values, and celebrate many more milestones in the years to come. Here’s to the next 30 years of excellence and beyond! 

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