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Virginia Requires Electronic Communication for Claims

Newly enacted legislation now requires employers across the Commonwealth of Virginia to register, file, and respond to documents related to unemployment claims electronically. As a client of Thomas & Company, you do not need to take any actions. Thomas & Company is already communicating with VA electronically through the State Information Separation Exchange (SIDES) on your behalf, so the electronic communication requirements outlined in House Bill 270 are being met.

Participating in SIDES has been a priority at Thomas & Company because we see the benefits of an electronic exchange. The UI SIDES program eliminates many of the issues related to exchanging information through the mail. First, the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on claim documents is secured and protects that data in ways that cannot be met through a paper-based process. Second, the exchange provides the maximum amount of time possible for gathering separation information. Claims issued are received the same day eliminating the delays in the mailing process. Third, using a standardized format, the information shared via the SIDES exchange will meet the requirements of the state and lessen the impact of state calls and appeals.

To reiterate, no action is required if you receive a notice from the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you or your locations are receiving paper claims directly, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager to let them know so we can confirm that we have the correct mailing address on file with VA and reconfirm your inclusion in the UI SIDES files.

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