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Unemployment Insurance News – June 3, 2022

US DOL Unemployment Weekly Claims Report

  Seasonally Adjusted (SA) Initial Claims Volume Change from Prior Week Year over Year Change in SA Initial Claims Volume   Unadjusted Insured UI Rate Insured UI Volume Year over Year Change in

Insured UI Volume

5/28/2022 200,000 -11,000 -227,000 5/21/2022 0.9% 1,259,162 -2,240,325
5/29/2021 427,000 -14,000 5/22/2021 2.5% 3,499,487

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COLORADO – Notice of Separation Requirements Signed into Law

  • Senate Bill 22-234 was signed into law on May 25, 2022, and adds that at the time of separation, employers shall provide each employee information regarding the availability of unemployment benefits. This form, which has yet to be issued by the state, must be filled out to include the following information. As soon as the actual form is issued, we will provide another update.
    • The employer’s name and address
    • The employee’s name and address
    • The employee’s social security number or other identification number
    • The employee’s start date, last date worked, year-to-date earnings, and wages for the last week the employee worked
    • The reason the employee is separated from the employer


INDIANA – Fraud Alert relating to

  • Indiana recently posted a notice on their website asking claimants to be aware of a new scam where fraudsters attempt to impersonate ONLY operates through the website. Websites like “” or other derivatives ARE NOT connected to will not ask for personal information via messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger. As a reminder, DWD WILL NOT send a text or email message asking the claimant to click a link to receive benefits or any type of payment. Clicking on the link and providing personal information will give fraudsters the ability to sign into their accounts or sell their information on the dark web. To report fraudulent messages claimants are being asked to please send a screen shot of the message to the DWD Contact Center: [email protected]


NEW HAMPSHIRE – Legislation to Reduce UI Benefit Duration Fails

  • Senate Bill 401 included legislation that would have reduced the duration of UI benefits to 13 weeks unless the unemployment rate in the state was higher than 3.0% and allowing a full 26 weeks only when the state’s unemployment rate hits 8.0% or above. In the negotiations between the House and Senate, this portion of the bill was dropped in order pass the bill that included other items unrelated to unemployment.  The New Hampshire House will likely reintroduce legislation in the next session adjusting unemployment benefits but for now the duration of benefits will remain at 26 weeks.


SOUTH DAKOTA – New Reemployment Assistance Application Launched for Claimants June 1

  • Claimants who need to file for new benefits and request weekly payments in South Dakota will be using a new system as of June 1, 2022. If any of your former employees notify you of issues filing for benefits, please direct them to this website for more instructions and access to the new system


VIRGINIA – Electronic Responses to Claims Now Required

  • Newly enacted legislation now requires employers across the Commonwealth of Virginia to register, file, and respond to documents related to unemployment claims electronically. As a client of Thomas & Company, you do not need to take any actions.  Thomas & Company is already communicating with VA electronically through the State Information Separation Exchange (SIDES) on your behalf, so the electronic communication requirements outlined in House Bill 270 are being met. For more information, please see our bulletin here.


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