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Unemployment Insurance News – June 10, 2022

US DOL Unemployment Weekly Claims Report

  Seasonally Adjusted (SA) Initial Claims Volume Change from Prior Week Year over Year Change in SA Initial Claims Volume   Unadjusted Insured UI Rate Insured UI Volume Year over Year Change in

Insured UI Volume

6/04/2022 229,000 +27,000 -191,000 5/28/2022 0.9% 1,255,052 -2,078,425
6/05/2021 420,000 -7,000 5/29/2021 2.4% 3,333,477

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CONNECTICUT– New System Roll-out on July 5

  • On July 5, 2022, CT will roll out their new Tax and Benefits System, ReEmployCT. For employers, this only impacts the Tax Filing process. Beginning on July 5, 2022 employers will file the second quarter 2022 returns and any other outstanding reports for previous quarters using the ReEmployCT system.  If you or your payroll provider/TPA had access to the current system, you will need to login and recredential your account after July 5. TPA’s in ReEmployCT are “defined” as agents who submit Wage Reports, Tax Reports, Tax Payments, and/or RB Charge Payments on behalf of their clients.  It does not include agents who handle claims related issues.  There is a separate SIDES application for agents who handle claims related issues.
  • For our reimbursing clients, CTDOL will move from a monthly billing to a quarterly billing process. The state has sent out the last monthly billing statement in May for charges incurred in March 2022 and the next billing statement will include charges for April, May and June of 2022 and will be issued in July. 
  • The state of CT will also transition to a 10-digit state account number in the new system. For all employers already assigned a state account number, 3 zeros will be added to the end of your existing account number.
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PUERTO RICO– First Quarter Tax Filing Deadline Extended

  • Due to technical issues with the online portal that employers use to file quarterly returns, Puerto Rico has extended the deadline for filing the first quarter returns to June 30, 2022.

TEXAS– Chargeback Protest Review for Base Period Employers

  • Some Texas employers will be eligible for an unemployment chargeback review when the claimants filing for benefits separated in the two year period leading up to March 2020. These employers where not afforded the same relief of charges as the last employer the claimant worked for.  Our clients do not need to take any actions.  The State of Texas will notify the affected employers with instructions for filing a protest or appeal.  As the official mailing address for your account, Thomas & Company will receive these notifications and work to file any applicable protests or appeals on your behalf.  If you receive the notice directly, please forward the notification to [email protected] and we will ensure that these are handled on your behalf.
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