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Unemployment Insurance News – May 13, 2022

By May 13, 2022May 26th, 2022Unemployment Cost Management

US DOL Unemployment Weekly Claims Report

Seasonally Adjusted (SA) Initial Claims Volume Change from Prior Week Year over Year Change in SA Initial Claims Volume   Unadjusted Insured UI Rate Insured UI Volume Year over Year Change in

Insured UI Volume

5/07/2022 203,000 3,000 -291,000 4/30/2022 1.0% 1,335,108 -2,352,935
5/08/2021 494,000 -23,000 5/01/2021 2.6% 3,688,043

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COLORADO- House Approves $600 Million for State’s Trust Fund

  • Senate Bill 22-234 was approved by the House this week to add $600 million into Colorado’s trust fund to help combat the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without this infusion, the state’s trust fund was projected to end the year at more than $955 million in the red. This bill also makes the increase in partial benefits, which was set to expire on September 1, 2022, permanent, repeals the waiting week for benefits once the trust fund balance equals $1 Billion, and extends the hold on the solvency surcharge for employers through 2023.

COLORADO – Notice of Separation Requirements

  • The same Senate Bill 22-234 adds that at the time of separation, employers shall provide each employee information regarding the availability of unemployment benefits. This form, to be issued by the state, must be filled out to include:
    • The employer’s name and address
    • The employee’s name and address
    • The employee’s social security number or other identification number
    • The employee’s start date, last date worked, year-to-date earnings, and wages for the last week the employee worked
    • The reason the employee is separated from the employer

DELAWARE– Fraud Calls Targeting Business Owners

  • The Delaware Department of Labor is alerting business owners of a new scam. Fraudsters are targeting business owners and these fraudsters are soliciting payment or documentation over the phone.  They are claiming that a new “law” is being enforced and that they can call employers for this information.  Delaware is warning business owners that this is fraudulent activity. If you feel like you have been targeted, you can report the call or verify the legitimacy of any DOL-UI communication by calling 302-761-8484.

MAINE– Workplace Labor Law Posters Available in Multiple Languages

  • The required workplace labor law posters are now available in 6 additional languages. All posters are available to print/download in English, as well as Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Somali at no cost on the MDOL website – Employers are encouraged to display the posters in the language(s) of their employees.
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