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T&C Unemployment Insurance News And Updates – January 3, 2024

GEORGIA – Tax Rates Available, Legislative Impacts
The GDOL announced on December 27, 2023 that 2024 Annual Tax Rate Notices, DOL-626, are now available on the Employer Portal. Additionally, effective January 1, 2024, the Administrative Assessment will be 0.06%. In 2023, the Administrative Assessment expired after being in place for decades but was reinstated under GA House Bill 518 for 2024.

An email was sent to email addresses on record when the notices were published. As a reminder, Georgia tax rate notices are no longer physically mailed to the employer or third-party administrator (TPA) nor are TPAs able to obtain client tax rate notices independently. Therefore, we request that you, as the employer, pull all tax rate notices from the GDOL Employer Portal and send the documents directly to Thomas & Company.

If you are not registered on the Employer Portal, please register immediately to avoid delays in receiving this important information. Register now to begin using the preferred method to manage your account. Go to, click on the Employers tab, and select Employer Portal. Download the Administrator Guide and follow the instructions.

Once you have gained access to your account via the portal, please download a copy of the 2024 annual UI tax rate notice and separate voluntary contribution page and email them to Thomas & Company at [email protected].

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Tax Rates Remain the Same
Unemployment tax rates for the first quarter of 2024 will remain the same. While New Hampshire Employment Security has the ability to update the Fund Balance Reduction on a quarterly basis, because the Trust Fund has maintained a balance of at least $350 million, there will continue to be a 1.0% reduction to the rate for positive rated employers. Additionally, the Inverse Rate Surcharge (for negative rated employers), will remain 0.5%.

TAX FORM 1099-G – Forms May Be a Sign of Fraudulent Unemployment Activity
States will soon be issuing Form 1099-G to individuals who received unemployment benefits during 2023. At this time of year, receipt of unexpected 1099-Gs often uncover unemployment fraud cases that were not previously detected.

As an employer, please report the possible identity theft issue to Thomas & Company so we can notify the state, mark the case as potential fraud, and monitor your account for erroneous charges.

Individuals who received a 1099-G and did not file a claim should take the following steps:

  • Report the fraud to the State Workforce Agency and their HR department. It is more efficient and streamlined to file a fraud report online whenever possible. A complete listing of the contact information by state can be found here (UI Claimant Fraud Contacts)
  • Employees should report the identity theft to the FTC at
  • Employees should also report the identity theft to the IRS to help avoid paying taxes on the 1099-G income. This can be done via phone at 1-800-908-4490 or by filing an IRS Form 14039 – Identity Theft Affidavit (
  • Contact their bank, credit card companies and all three credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) to place a freeze on their credit reports to further protect their identity during the investigation.

For more information about Unemployment Fraud and to find answers to commonly asked questions, please refer to our UI Fraud Support Resources at U.I. Fraud.

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