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MI Fraud Alert & MA Reduces Benefit Duration

By June 28, 2023July 5th, 2023Fraud & Identity Theft, UI Claims

MICHIGAN FRAUD ALERT – Collection Scams Hit Michigan Employers and Residents
Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) Director Julia Dale recently issued a warning urging employers with past due state debts to be on alert for a scam circulating via USPS. In this scam, “residents or employers may receive a letter about an overdue state debt that requests immediate contact through a toll-free number to resolve the outstanding balance. The letter aggressively threatens to seize property – including bank accounts, wages, business assets, cars, real estate, refunds, and cash – if the debt is not settled.” The scammers are using personal facts and information to make the letters appear credible.

Michigan states that the Department of Treasury and the Unemployment Insurance Agency correspond using letters sent through the USPS on Michigan letterhead. If you receive a letter and question whether or not the collection attempt is valid, you should reach out to the UIA by calling 1-855-484-2636 and they can provide information about your account, payments, and/or balances.

Michigan also provided additional information about contacts and how to determine if the letter is valid in the following news release.
LEO – UIA Director, State Treasurer ask Michigan residents to be alert for fake letters in collections scam

MASSACHUSETTS – UI Benefit Duration Cut to 26 Weeks
For new claims that are filed on or after July 2, 2023, the maximum duration for unemployment benefits will be reduced to 26 weeks (down from 30 weeks). This adjustment is automatically made when the 12-month average local unemployment rate is at or below 5.1% in each of the commonwealth’s eight designated metropolitan areas. Claimants that filed before July 2 will remain eligible for up to 30 weeks of benefits.

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