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Fraud Alert – CT & ND, SHIELD ChatBot, & AZ Benefit Duration Remains Unchanged

FRAUD ALERT – Text Scams
North Dakota Job Services sent out a warning about a text scam that may be circulating. A text message will come from a customer service representative stating that they can help get UI benefits flowing if the individual uploads “necessary information” through a link provided in the text. These messages will sometimes be marked with the U.S. Department of Labor logo. Most states will not communicate with claimants via text messages and even if they do, they will not use links. If an employee receives some type of communication from a state workforce agency about benefits, they should always go directly to the state’s site to verify the validity of the request.

FRAUD ALERT – Application Letters
Individuals in Connecticut may be receiving a letter from the CT Department of Labor regarding their application for unemployment benefits. Guilford, CT police are warning residents about an influx of fraud claims due to a hack of the CT DOL system in July, 2022. If your employees receive this letter and have not filed for unemployment benefits, please have them use the CT DOL ID Theft Report Form to report the potential identity theft claim. Also, alert Thomas & Company so that we can let the state know that this is a fraud claim when we receive the request from the state.

SHIELD – ChatBot
Have you ever needed support from the SHIELD portal team? If so, you know that our team is very responsive and can help you with your SHIELD needs quickly. In addition to our portal team, we now have another option for getting the help and support you need through the SHIELD ChatBot. This new offering can help you with many of the most common SHIELD support requests in an easy and convenient manner. Since we rolled out this feature, nearly 70-75% of the requests can be completed through the ChatBot almost instantaneously and we have a 100% satisfaction rating! You can also Live-Chat with a SHIELD Support agent! The next time you need SHIELD support, give our ChatBot a try. It is located on the SHIELD landing page, in the lower right-hand corner. As always, it is our goal to provide the most responsive and helpful source of support when you and your team need it most.

ARIZONA – Benefit Duration to Remain the Same
With historically low unemployment rates, many states are making changes to tie the maximum duration of unemployment benefits to the statewide unemployment rate. A senate bill was introduced in Arizona to cut the duration of benefits to 12 weeks but did not get the votes needed to pass. For now, the maximum duration for unemployment will remain at 26 weeks.

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