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Fostering a Culture of Excellence

By October 18, 2023Culture

“I love working at T&C. The people, the leadership, and the solutions are second to none!”

Anonymous Feedbackfrom our latest eNPS Survey

In the fast-paced world of modern business, where success is defined not only by profit margins but also by the quality of your company culture, Thomas & Company continues to stand out. Maintaining a culture of excellence can be challenging, yet it is the very essence of who we are at Thomas & Company.  

The Power of Employee Feedback

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, employee feedback is the compass guiding our path. We believe that to create a culture of excellence, we must first listen to the people who make it possible – our employees. 

Our secret? A systematic and strategic approach to understanding and acting on the anonymous feedback we receive through our eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) surveys, sent out every eight weeks.  By collecting data on a regular basis, we’re able to adapt our strategies and address concerns before they escalate, ultimately fostering a more positive and engaged workforce. 

Furthermore, this regular cadence empowers employees by giving them a voice and making them feel heard. We’ve seen when our employees see their opinions being actively considered and acted upon, it boosts morale and job satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and decreased turnover, which are key drivers of our organizational success. 

In addition, our pulse surveys provide a more accurate and up-to-date view of employee engagement compared to traditional annual or semi-annual surveys. The fast-paced nature of today’s workplace demands a more agile approach to feedback, as issues and priorities can change rapidly. This continuous feedback loop ensures that we remain agile and responsive to evolving employee needs and expectations. 

Unlocking the Impact of eNPS Scores

Our eNPS scores are not just numbers; they are a reflection of the satisfaction and engagement of our team. In July, we reached a significant milestone with an eNPS score of 47. However, our most recent September survey brought remarkable news – an eNPS score of 50! The eNPS scale ranges from -100 to +100, and our score of 50 is considered excellent. It signifies that our employees have a positive view of the organization, are highly engaged, and satisfied with their work. 

Awards That Speak Volumes

These scores serve as the pulse of our culture, and that is why it is no surprise that Top Workplaces has awarded us three additional Culture of Excellence awards, bringing our 2023 Top Workplace awards total to eight! These new accolades in Employee Appreciation, Employee Well-Being, and Professional Development complement our existing culture awards, including Purpose & Values, Leadership, Work-Life Flexibility, and Innovation. Not forgetting our Tennessee Top Workplace award for the third year in a row! 

Our Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to creating a positive work environment that fosters a culture of excellence sets us apart. The Culture of Excellence awards validate our efforts to prioritize a culture that empowers our employees to excel both personally and professionally. It is not just an honor, it is a reminder that maintaining a culture of excellence is a continuous journey, and we are proud to be on that path. 

Stay Tuned for More

Stay tuned as we explore our three latest awards in the upcoming blogs, focusing on Employee Appreciation, Employee Well-Being, and Professional Development. These accomplishments further solidify our reputation as a Top Workplace, and we can’t wait to share more with you. 

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