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SHIELD – Upcoming Security Update

At Thomas & Company, we take data security seriously. As such, we are proactively implementing new measures to improve the security and resiliency of the underlying infrastructure of the SHIELD platform by implementing stronger protections against distributed denial of service attacks. While there should be no downtime associated with this change, we will perform the work during our normal maintenance window on the night of Thursday, September 8th to further reduce any potential service disruptions. We also recommend that you verify with your IT department that the entire site domain,, is whitelisted to prevent access issues if your organization has strict web filtering rules in place.

Please contact our portal team should you have any questions or concerns.

FRAUD – Reminder to Stay Alert

While the number of unemployment fraud cases is trending downward, it is important to stay alert regarding possible fraudulent inquiries. If you or your employees receive a text message claiming to be a state workforce agency asking to click on a link or fill out a form, this is most likely a scam. Most states currently do not communicate via text. To be safe:
• Do not give out personal information over email or text
• Always visit the state website for benefit information and do not rely on unofficial websites

COLORADO – On Track to Repay Unemployment Loan by November 10th

Colorado is on track to repay the $1 billion borrowed to support the unemployment program during the pandemic. These federal loans need to be repaid by November 10th to avoid a FUTA tax reduction for employers in 2022. Currently, Colorado still has a $133.1 million balance, but with the strong job recovery in the state over the past year, the state is on track to repay the loan prior to the deadline and avoid additional taxes for employers.

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