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Verify Platform Upgrade + UI Weekly News

VERIFY – System Upgrade will occur this weekend

This weekend, Thomas & Company will be performing some architectural upgrades to our Verify platform. These updates are focused on increasing our scalability for future growth and security improvements such as increased protection against denial-of-service attacks.  The Verify platform used for employment and income verifications will be offline beginning on Friday, September 16th at 8:00 pm CST and will resume normal operation by the beginning of business on Monday, September 19th, if not sooner.  If you have the site bookmarked, the URL will be changing from to  You will be automatically redirected to the new site if you have a shortcut or bookmark to the current URL.



As of September 9, 2022, there are only 6 states remaining with an outstanding Title XII loan balance that will potentially lead to increased FUTA tax for 2022.  Those states and the current outstanding balances are:

  • California          $17,733,138,780.12
  • Connecticut        $85,464,620.03
  • Illinois                $1,812,645,002.82
  • New York         $7,858,374,930.28
  • Virgin Islands        $96,337,913.74

The final FUTA credit reduction for 2022 will not be determined until November 10; however, a potential credit reduction of 0.3% (or an additional $21 per employee) would apply if these balances remain outstanding.


PENNSYLVANIA – Tax Portal Updates

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue will be adding withholding tax to the myPath tax portal at the end of November which will replace the e-Tides portal.  The DOR suggest employers to create a myPath profile for withholding tax reporting and payments at the end of November.  Please note, TPAs that have access to their client accounts in e-Tides will be able to migrate into myPath.  Employers will also be able to register tax accounts via myPath which will replace the Pennsylvania Online Business Entity Registration.


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