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Unemployment Insurance News – November 23, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year always helps us to realize how grateful we are for our partners like you. It is a great time to reflect on all the things we have been able to accomplish together. From everyone at Thomas & Company, thank you for making this year a great success. We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work together. We wish you a joyful and abundant Thanksgiving.

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, our customer support center will be closed on Thursday, November 24. Additionally, on Friday, November 25, our support center will have shortened hours and will close 2 hours early at 5:00 pm Central. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

IDAHO – Rate Schedules Issued for 2023
Idaho issued their rate schedule for 2023 and, while the rate ranges remained the same, they have made slight adjustments to the reserve ratios needed to achieve each rate. Rates for 2023 will range from 0.207% to 5.4%. For employers, this change may not have an impact since the rates themselves remained unchanged.

KENTUCKY – Benefits will be Reduced in 2023
As of January 1, 2023, claimants filing for unemployment benefits in Kentucky will be able to collect benefits for 12 weeks instead of 26. Kentucky passed legislation in House Bill 4 that ties the duration for UI Benefits to the statewide unemployment rate and will re-evaluate the duration every six months. For employers, this could mean that the potential liability on unemployment claims will shrink due to the 46% reduction in duration.

MAINE – Rate Schedules Remain the Same for 2023
Maine recently announced that the tax rate schedule for 2023 will be set at Schedule A, the lowest allowed under Maine law and the same as 2022. Governor Mills directed $382 million in Federal COVID relief funds to the trust fund in 2020 and 2021, allowing the state to avoid having to borrow federal funds. Without the investments made in previous years, the state estimated that the 2023 rates would have increased to Schedule D, costing Maine employers an additional $47 million. Instead, the implementation of Schedule A is expected to save an estimated $23.7 million. While each employer’s experience will vary, the average tax per employee is expected to be $236.40 for 2023. The taxable wage base for 2023 will be set at $12,000.

OHIO – 2023 Tax Rates Set
Ohio recently issued the tax rate schedule for 2023 and tax rates will range from 0.3% to 9.8%. The mutualized rate in OH will remain at 0.5%. New employers will continue to pay at 2.7% with the exception of construction new employers who will see the new employer rate rise to 5.6% in 2023. The delinquency rate will also increase in 2023 to 12.9%. The 2023 taxable wage base will remain at $9,000.

TEXAS – Job Refusal Submissions Updated
When an individual refuses an offer of work, these should be reported to the state for investigation. Texas has recently updated their form to allow employers to not only report job refusals but to report when an individual failed to attend and interview. If TWC verified that the individual has an active unemployment claim, they will investigate the case and make a determination on the claimants continued eligibility. Please continue to report all job refusal and missed interviews to Thomas & Company regardless of the state, so these can be reported to the state on your behalf.


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