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OH Changes Deadline for Separation Information Requests + ID Changes Eligibility for Military Spouses/Domestic Violence Victims

OHIO – Request for Separation Information Deadline is 10 Calendar Days
New legislation passed in Ohio shortens the protest deadline for Requests for Separation Information to 10 calendar days from 10 business days beginning with claims filed in April. Thomas & Company communicates with OH through SIDES which ensures that these claims are shared quickly giving you the most time possible to respond to the claim.

IDAHO – Changes in Eligibility for Victims of Domestic Violence or Military Spouses
Effective July 1, 2023, claimants who quit their job because of a domestic violence issue or quit to relocate with a military spouse will be eligible for unemployment benefits because of good cause. Normally claimants are not eligible for benefits in a voluntary quit situation. Under amended section 72-1366 of the Idaho Code, if the claimant left employment voluntarily, the requirement to show good cause is fulfilled if:

  • Leaving employment was necessary to protect the claimant or the claimant’s minor child from domestic violence, or the claimant reasonably believed continued employment would jeopardize their safety and the claimant made all reasonable efforts to preserve the employment; or
  •  The claimant is a military spouse who voluntarily left employment to relocate with the claimant’s spouse who moved due to a permanent change of station orders and a commute would be impractical. The claimant must take reasonable action to maintain the employment.
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