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SOAR to Wellness

By July 18, 2019January 18th, 2022Culture

SOAR to Wellness

Objective: To create a program to enable the success of individual colleague wellness.

DESCRIPTION:  Over the next 75 days (7/17 – 9/30), we will be providing opportunities for our colleagues to focus on their wellness.  A point value will be associated with each one of these opportunities, allowing each individual employee to earn points on their path to wellness.
This program will not focus solely on physical health.  We are taking more of a holistic approach to well being.  Our program will focus on and have opportunities with physical, mental, dietary, social/teamwork, preventative, developmental, goal setting, accountability, financial, philanthropic, environmental, etc.
Each letter represents one of our Core Values.  Solidarity, Own It, Always Improving, Remember Who We Are.  Each one of these core values in concert with each other will enable our success when focusing on wellness.
The Logo?
The star at the highest point of the logo represents putting our Core Purpose at the apex of what we do, To Enable Success.  For our clients this means saving time, money, and mitigating risk through lasting relationships.  We believe this program will allow us to do this even better than we do today.  The star also represents putting our own personal and professional growth with an entrepreneurial spirit at the top of what we do.  The owl, acknowledges the wise decisions we face on a daily basis, plus we needed a bird with a name like SOAR!


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