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Top Workplaces Culture of Excellence Awards

By May 10, 2023August 23rd, 2023Culture
Awarded to organizations that have successfully communicated the mission and integrated those aspirations into the culture.
Awarded to organizations with leaders who inspire confidence in employees and the company direction. They listen to what matters most to employees and use that insight in decision making.
Awarded to organizations what have built a culture that enables employees to meet demands of their personal lives while maintaining high performance.
Awarded to organizations that have created a culture where new ideas are encouraged, which helps employees to reach their full potential and benefits performance.

One, Two, Three, FOUR!

We are over the moon that Thomas & Company has been awarded four Culture of Excellence awards by Top Workplaces!

In February/March we took a survey to enter into the Tennessee Top Workplace award. As we wait to find out if we will 3-peat with another Tennessee Top Workplace award, we were notified that we were up for the Top Workplaces USA award and already won a few Culture of Excellence Awards based on the survey we had completed. This was an unexpected but incredibly exciting opportunity to gain national recognition for our workplace culture. These awards are a testament to our ongoing commitment to fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture that values our employees’ well-being and development.

The survey was designed to evaluate our workplace based on several factors, including leadership, communication, work-life flexibility, employee engagement, and overall satisfaction.

We are proud of the positive feedback we received from our employees and are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our company’s strengths to the wider community.

We are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the Tennessee Top Workplace award in June and are optimistic about our chances of winning. Regardless of the outcome, we are confident that our participation in the survey and the resulting nominations and awards have been invaluable for our company’s growth and reputation.

In conclusion, taking the Tennessee Top Workplace survey was just another way for our company to evaluate our workplace culture and showcase our strengths to the wider community. We are thrilled to have been nominated for and won these culture awards, and we are excited about the opportunity to potentially win the Tennessee Top Workplace award and the Top Workplace USA award for 2023.

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