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Fostering a Culture of Appreciation

By October 27, 2023Culture

Celebrating a Culture of Appreciation

Fostering a culture of appreciation is no small feat. It’s a journey that involves transparency, recognition, and a commitment to valuing the contributions of each team member. At Thomas & Company, we’re proud to have been recognized with a Top Workplaces award for our culture of excellence in appreciation. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to showing gratitude and acknowledging the incredible work of our employees. 

Transparency in Praise

Transparency is at the core of our culture of appreciation. We believe in openly acknowledging and celebrating the efforts of our team. One way we do this is through “Solidarity Shout-Outs.” These shout-outs are shared to conclude our meeting huddles, creating a space for employees to express their appreciation for one another. 

We adopted a comprehensive 360 degree approach to encourage employees to express their appreciation for one another. To facilitate the tracking and sharing of appreciation, we’ve harnessed the power of Leapsome, a dynamic tool that not only enables employees to send and receive praise but also links these expressions to our core values and overarching mission. Since implementing Leapsome in 2021, we’ve tracked an impressive 1,742 (and counting) notes of appreciation. What’s even more heartening is the consistent year-over-year growth in the number of these notes being shared. 

This approach is designed to be all-encompassing, allowing any employee the opportunity to express their appreciation by sending a note to another employee. 

Visibility and Engagement

Our appreciation efforts are highly visible. The notes of appreciation aren’t tucked away in some corner of our organization. They’re proudly displayed on our “praise wall,” which can be found in Leapsome, our learning management tool, our monthly newsletters and even on our in-office TVs. The visibility of these messages of gratitude creates a positive and motivating atmosphere. 

Quarterly Departmental Townhall Meetings

Our quarterly departmental townhall meetings provide an additional platform for celebrating appreciation, all within the framework of our core purpose and values. Leaders use these gatherings to highlight the exceptional work being done by individuals within their departments, aligning their achievements with our core purpose and values. These meetings serve as a pivotal moment for publicly recognizing and applauding our team members’ contributions, reinforcing our commitment to a culture rooted in our core purpose, To Enable Success. 

Bravo Bonus Program

To take appreciation to the next level, we’ve introduced the Bravo Bonus Program. It’s a discretionary spot bonus program designed to financially reward and recognize employees who go above and beyond their job requirements, making a lasting and meaningful contribution to the company. This program is a way to show our deep appreciation for extraordinary efforts. This year we have provided 79 such bonuses to employees. 

End-of-Year Celebrations

As the end of the year approaches, we seize the opportunity to express appreciation to the entire company. This is when we gather together via an All Hands meeting and share all the remarkable achievements we’ve accomplished as a team. It’s also the time to recognize our Hall of Fame inductees. These exceptional employees receive unique awards that reflect our Nashville roots and the rockstar qualities they bring to the company. 

Receiving the Top Workplaces award for our culture of excellence in appreciation is not just an accolade; it’s a reflection of our ongoing commitment to creating a workplace where every team member feels valued and recognized. We’re proud to be on this journey, and we look forward to even more opportunities to show our appreciation in the future. 

Stay tuned as we delve into our other recent awards, focusing on Employee Well-Being and Professional Development, in the upcoming blogs. 

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