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T&C Unemployment Tips – How Tax Rates Are Calculated

Managing your unemployment claims is a critical part of the overall unemployment claims program. Responding to requests for separation information with complete information in a timely manner ensures that the state workforce agencies can make the correct determination on eligibility. Participating in hearings when there is a dispute over the claim for benefits can help ensure that the facts of the case are clearly presented. All of this work that is being done on a daily basis accounts for more than just a great winning percentage. Every dollar that is saved in benefit payments actually has an impact on the bottom line for your company and the fruits of your efforts are seen in the annual tax rate assessments. States are busy calculating the rates for 2023 and will be issuing the 2023 rates over the next few months. Learn more about the way unemployment tax rates are calculated and what other savings opportunities you may have during tax rate season.



T&C Unemployment Tips – Volume 9 Tax Rate Notices

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