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Unemployment Insurance News – July 8, 2022

VIRGINIA – Identify Verification

  • The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) is notifying and requiring many claimants of unemployment benefits to verify their identity. Per the VEC, there are many reasons they may need verification of a claimant’s identity and there is no cause for concern or alarm.  The VEC has contracted with, a federally certified, digital identity provider, to perform the verification process.  Upon notification, claimants must complete the verification process within 10 days to avoid any delay or denial of benefits.  To learn more:

 MISSOURI – Warns of Messaging Scams

  • The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations released a July 5, 2022 warning to individuals about potential email and text messaging scams involving Missouri’s unemployment program. Everyone is advised to be wary of suspicious email or text messages, including any links they might contain.  According to the department, any text messages from them will never include links.   Anyone unsure if a message about Missouri’s unemployment program is legitimate is encouraged to contact the department for verification.  To learn more:


  • The fiscal year unemployment tax rates in effect from 7/1/22 – 6/30/23 have been received from the State of Vermont. As stated in a previous weekly update, a shift to a lower tax rate table (shift from Schedule 3 to Schedule 1) is in effect for the 2022/23 rate year, with rates ranging from 0.40% to 5.40% as opposed to 0.80% to 6.50% the previous year.  Your T&C tax analyst will be communicating the new rates and the impact of this change with your key personnel upon completion of the rate verification process.  Please also note the taxable wage base (annual wages subject to SUI taxes) for 2023 will decrease from $15,500 to $13,500. 

Vermont is one of four states (New Hampshire, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Vermont) that assign SUI tax rates on a fiscal-year basis, rather than a calendar-year basis; however, the taxable wage base for these states is assigned on a calendar-year basis.  Rates for New Hampshire, New Jersey and Tennessee are anticipated to be received in August.

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