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T&C Unemployment Insurance News And Updates – May 8, 2024

By May 8, 2024May 15th, 2024Unemployment Cost Management


As schools adjourn for summer break, many educational institutions see an influx of unemployment claims from their faculty and staff. The education system has a complex system of contracts, payment, and work schedules that may confuse workers during break periods.

Many employees, including educators, administrative staff, bus drivers, and other associated faculty and staff, are employed on a contractual basis or have seasonal employment arrangements tied to the academic calendar. This means there is a reasonable assurance their employment will resume in the same capacity once school resumes after breaks or recesses.

Reasonable assurance, as defined in most states, means that there is a written, verbal, or implied agreement that the employee will perform services in the same or similar capacity immediately following a break or recess period as they did prior to the break or recess period. Such agreements also mean that these individuals are not considered separated from employment during applicable breaks and, therefore, may be ineligible for unemployment benefits.


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