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SHIELD was designed to allow new users to go from initiation to utilization with minimal delay, and to deliver an intuitive, efficient experience tailored to the needs of users at every level of your company.


As the industry-leader in security and compliance, Thomas & Company’s platform and operations were built from the ground up to reduce or minimize risk and secure our clients’ data.


With leading clients in every industry, we combine our expertise with input from your team using a consultative approach to develop and deliver the reporting you need.


Your Director of Training and Support will consult with you and deliver training resources and experiences that are tailored to your organization based on analytics delivered by SHIELD.


Want to reduce time spent on claims while increasing visibility of company-wide performance?

Thomas & Company’s Secure Human Resource Information Exchange Loading Device (SHIELD) is the most secure, intuitive, and efficient communication platform for unemployment claims management. SHIELD provides a seamless user experience, and puts the performance data that leaders and users need at their fingertips..

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Less Time Spent by Users

Data Secure and Protected

Concise Actionable Reporting for Leaders

Why bother with technology that increases work for your team, forcing you to do the heavy lifting?

Thomas & Company developed SHIELD around the simple idea that our clients should get the best outcomes possible from their unemployment program while minimizing the amount of time necessary to do so. A partnership with Thomas & Company, supported by SHIELD, saves you time and eliminates costly liabilities while ensuring your employees’ personal data is safe and secure.