Pennsylvania: Voluntary Resignation From Staffing Companies

A recent case in the state of Pennsylvania is a reminder that temp workers must maintain contact with their staffing agencies for new assignments as soon as their current ones come to an end. Each state has its own rules, but several require that an employee working for a staffing agency must notify that company within one or two days upon completing an assignment, to inform them they are ready for the next one. States are required to inform employees of this policy upon being hired. In this recent case, the employee failed to mention his availability for more work when his assignment was over. When told he no longer employed by the staffing company, he stated he forgot about the policy, claiming the agency did not remind him. The court came to the conclusion the claimant voluntarily terminated his employment with the agency, failing to provide a “necessitous and compelling” reason for termination. Despite the claimant stating he did not voluntarily quit, his lack of responsibility of following the policy was ruled as a voluntary resignation, costing him his unemployment insurance benefits.

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