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Colorado Issues State Separation Form + Taxable Wage Base Updates in NJ and NY

COLORADO – State Separation Notice Issued

A few months ago, Colorado issued Senate Bill 22-234 requiring employers to provide a notice to separating employees about the availability of unemployment benefits. Until now, employers have not had an official form from Colorado. CDLE has now issued a template with the required information that employers should provide. Employers will need to provide: The employee’s name, last 4 of the SSN, address, the start and end dates of employment, year to date earnings, earnings specific to the last week of work, and also the reason for separation. The employer’s name, FEIN and business address is also required. The official CDLE form can be downloaded here.

ILLINOIS – Disaster Unemployment Benefits available for St. Clair County Residents

Residents of St. Clair County are now eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits if they were impacted by the flooding that occurred in July 2022. Claimants must first file for regular benefits and be denied to qualify for DUA. Individuals should indicate that they are applying for benefits relates to the St. Clair County Flood. Individuals can apply by calling 217-558-0401 or scheduling an appointment at the Belleville American Job Center. Applications for DUA benefits must be filed by November 18, 2022.

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Tax Rate Change for the Fourth Quarter, 2022

Due to a healthy balance in the Trust Fund, New Hampshire employers will see a 30% tax reduction for the fourth quarter of 2022. According to the state’s unemployment insurance tax rate chart, the fourth-quarter solvency-threshold tax rate reduction for positive-rated experienced employers will be 0.5%, and the surcharge for negative-rated experienced employers will decrease to 1.0% from 1.5%. Employers will not receive a revised rate notice but will get a confirmation of the revised rate when filing through the online system in New Hampshire.

NEW JERSEY – 2023 Taxable Wage Base Set to Increase

The taxable wage base in New Jersey for Unemployment, Workforce Development/Supplemental Workforce Funds (WF/SWF) and Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) for employers has increased to $41,100 for 2023. This is an increase of 3.3% or $1,300 over the 2022 taxable wage base. The taxable wage base for the employee’s Temporary Disability Insurance and Family Leave Insurance has also increased for 2023 to $156,800 ($151,900 in 2022).
New Jersey employer’s may also see an increase in the benefits that are charged to their account as the maximum weekly benefit amount is increasing to $830 in 2023. Currently the maximum weekly benefit amount is $804.

NEW YORK – 2023 Taxable Wage Base Set to Increase

The taxable wage base in New York has been set at $12,300 for 2023. The 2023 taxable wage base is $300 higher than the $12,000 used in 2022.


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