Unemployment Cost Management

At Thomas & Company, we stand out as not only the largest privately held unemployment cost control provider, but also the recognized leader in quality and customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable and readily accessible team works to provide you with the best results and highest savings.

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We’ll assign a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, who will work with your team to develop an implementation project plan and serve as your single point of contact during the entire implementation process.
Initial Review
  • We begin with an in-depth audit to verify – and correct, if necessary – tax rate calculations and overpayments.
  • Once this information is analyzed, we submit applications to the state unemployment office for refunds or credits. Thomas & Company takes ownership of all administrative responsibilities so you don’t have to.
  • We don’t stop there. Once we have adjusted your unemployment tax situation, we will implement proactive strategies designed to eliminate future expenses for incorrect rate calculations or erroneous charges to your unemployment accounts.
Claims Administration
  • Successful tax rate reduction efforts begin with professional claims administration. Your dedicated Claims Analyst is an expert in eligibility laws and state specific procedures. Your Claims Analyst will partner with the appropriate personnel to ensure that all claims responses are submitted in a thorough and timely manner. We manage the entire process and will alert you when a claim arises, meaning you don’t have to stress about tight deadlines. Determinations will be carefully reviewed and appropriate appeals are filed if needed.
  • In the event that a contested unemployment claim results in an appeals hearing, we will provide you with advice and guidance in preparing documentation and witnesses. Our experienced and reliable hearings specialists will guide you every step of the way to ensure a favorable outcome.
Benefit Charge Audits
In most states, the error rate leading to overpayment of benefits is significant. At Thomas & Company, we make sure your benefit charges are accurate. Our proprietary software and quality control methods are focused on ridding your accounts of erroneous charges. We review state unemployment agency statements meticulously for such errors as:

  • The wrong employer is charged
  • The employer is overcharged
  • The employer is charged even though the account was previously relieved of charges
Unemployment Tax Management
Our partnership is designed to reduce your stress level, have a positive impact on your bottom line and improve your business operations. We continually monitor and interact with the appropriate state agencies to provide you with the most effective and attentive unemployment cost management.

  • Tax Rate Verification & Projections
    • We verify annual tax rate notices and compare your taxable wages and benefit charges with the data maintained by the state agency. When we uncover errors and discrepancies, we file a protest on your behalf and guarantee the problem is fixed promptly.
    • We’ll work with you proactively to determine what rates will be in place for the coming year. We will provide you with rate projections based on all of the information we have access to so that you can better determine how this process will affect your budget for the upcoming year.
  • Mergers / Acquisitions / Restructuring
    • Changes in the status of your business, whether through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or restructuring, can have a significant impact on the amount of unemployment tax you pay. As your ongoing unemployment cost control partner, we analyze the implications of such activities and take appropriate actions.
  • Transfers of Unemployment Experience
    • A simple comparison of tax rates can often lead to the wrong decision as to whether a transfer of experience should be elected. We will review recent changes as well as your plans for future changes, to determine the best way to approach your unemployment taxes.
  • Voluntary Contributions / Joint Account Analysis
    • Currently, twenty-six U.S. states permit voluntary contributions by employers for the purpose of reducing tax rates. As part of our unemployment tax service, a Thomas & Company tax specialist will analyze the feasibility and impact of a voluntary contribution and provide you with a recommendation.
    • Currently, 13 U.S. states permit joint accounts by employers for the purpose of reducing tax rates. As part of our unemployment tax service, a Thomas & Company tax specialist will analyze the feasibility and impact of a joint account analysis and provide you with a recommendation.
Thomas & Company offers training seminars to provide your team with the tools to make the right decisions and to give them a complete understanding of our program’s objectives. The context of each training session is flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs and unique challenges. Training is available in person and via webinar.
To see proof of our results, Thomas & Company provides clear and accurate reporting online, via email or by hard copy. Detailed claims activity and win-loss data will be available for you at your convenience. You have the option of creating your own reports through our website and can break the information down into state, region, location, etc. You can also access real-time claims data through your client login. Our intuitive platform will allow you to understand the areas that need improvement, while also keeping you informed on exactly how our partnership is benefiting your organization.