Employment and Wage Verifications

Employment and Wage Verifications drain time and money from HR and Payroll professionals, and can cause your employees incredible hardship if they are denied financial services due to a delay in the process, or if their personally identifiable information is turned over to a vendor with inadequate data security protections.

Unlike our competitors, we never sell or share your employees’ data. Further, Thomas & Company is SOC2 Type II certified and FCRA-compliant. That security, coupled with dedicated team members available via phone to help answer questions and address those last-minute issues that inevitably arise, sets our service apart as the most safe, confidential and efficient verifications solution available.

Services include Employment Verifications, Wage Verifications and Social Service/Government Agency forms (by request). We offer an extremely simple and reliable way to reduce the administrative burden on your HR and payroll staff internally, and best of all, we provide them at minimal or no cost to your company.