Ups & Downs: State By State Unemployment Rates

By May 15, 2019Regional

The overall unemployment rate in the United States is at a low of 3.6%. It can be interesting to monitor the constant changes in unemployment rates between states. Let’s take a look at the ups and downs happening around the nation this month.

The following states have seen an uptick in rates to the following levels:

CA: 4.3%

CT: 3.9%

IL: 4.4%

IN: 3.6%

MN: 3.2%

Other states have seen a bit of a decrease to the following levels:

AR: 3.7%

AZ: 5.0%

MT: 3.7%

OH: 4.4%

PA: 3.9%

RI: 3.8%

The state of New Hampshire remains the same and rumor has it that New Jersey and South Dakota are expected to see a fall in coming months.


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