New York: UI Benefits for Uber Drivers

By August 6, 2018Regional

Ride-sharing company Uber lost its legal battle last year when the New York Department of Labor ruled all drivers to now be defined as “employees” as opposed to “contract workers”.

The company just got dealt another blow with the recent ruling by the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, stating that New York Uber employees can now file for unemployment benefits.

New York has followed California’s lead on this decision, while many states like Florida still define Uber drivers as contract-workers by law, therefore not being eligible for UI benefits.

Many feel this could be a slippery slope when it comes to setting a precedent in the gray area of the gig-based workforce. One might also question the potential eligibility of owner-operator truck drivers, for instance, as well as segue into a discussion of the rights to additional benefits such as raises, 401(k)’s and health insurance.

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