MAINE: Next Phase of UI Progam

By June 18, 2018Regional

ReEmployMe, a program introduced last December, has been met with a bit of opposition in the state of Maine. The purpose of the online program is for claimants’ easy access to benefits. 

The next phase of the program, which will be geared toward employers, is set to roll out in August with implementation in November. Concerns have been expressed over this, as many feel the first phase rollout was too rushed, with many claimants unable to access their benefits for an extended amount of time. Reports of Mainers getting locked out of their accounts as well as controversy surrounding false claims that the labor department maintained the system in working order has people on edge.  

The Labor Department has responded to accusations stating that new systems are expected to have some difficulty with a portion of the claimant community and that filing online is not their only option. Should they have trouble with the online system, they can always go to a career center for assistance. They listed phone numbers for the Work Search and Technical Support line along with their hours as additional resources.


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