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Some Alaskans may be eligible for a refund of UI contributions from last year.  The Department of Labor and Workforce Development in the state has listed the following qualifications for being a potential recipient of a refund:

  • Employee that has worked for more than one employer
  • Employee that made over $39,500 in the year 2018
  • Employee that made over $197.50 in UI contributions in the year 2018

Those who meet the above qualifications can access a refund form here.

Alternatively, you can request a paper form here:

Alaska Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Employment Security Tax
P.O. Box 115509
Juneau, AK  99811-5509

Be prepared to provide proof of earnings and UI payments. This can often be found listed on an employee’s W-2 form (Box 15). Pay stubs are also a good place to find this information. If finding the proof is difficult, a worker can always ask their employer to provide the information.

Important: Deadline for submitting forms and proof of earnings/payment is December 31, 2019
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