Alabama: Senate Bill 193

By June 4, 2019Regional

A bill was just passed in the Alabama House of Representatives that ties the length of unemployment benefits to the unemployment rate in the state. For example, during times of a 6.5% maximum rate of unemployment within the state, the length of receiving benefits would go down to 14 weeks. With each 0.5% increase in the state’s rate, an additional week of benefits would be accessible to qualified applicants.

This would bring the maximum amount weeks on unemployment benefits down to 20 from the current 26.  However, if unemployed claimants enroll in an approved training program, they are awarded five additional weeks, bringing it back up to a potential 25 week maximum. The  bill also includes an extra $10 a week on the monthly unemployment paycheck, bringing the maximum weekly benefit from $265 to $275 a week.

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