Up to $3,500,000 of grants have been allocated in the state of Maryland through the Strategic Energy Investment Fund for a new program called the Community Solar LMI PPA Incentive Grant Program. It was designed to benefit low and moderate-income (LMI) communities within the state. The program, which is being run by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), will focus on subscriber organizations that were assigned LMI capacity under the Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program, launched in April of 2017. The purpose of this program was to provide benefits similar to having rooftop solar modules as well as allowing contract periods spanning less than 20 years. Organizations subscribing 51% or more of their energy to LMI subscribers may also participate.

Grants will be distributed based on subscription incentive metrics, which are measured with a comparison of the current net value of a potential subscription against the baseline rate. Shorter terms get more incentives. The amount a subscriber receives depends on the sum of the two incentive metrics.

Applications for this grant must be received by May 15 and the agreements must be executed by the 15th of June. The public service commission will determine construction and commissioning by the first of June of next year.

If interested, you can learn more details about the requirements and application process here.


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