The CARES Act & the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

By April 18, 2020CARES ACT, COVID-19

Executive Order:

Florida’s governor signed Executive Order 20-104. This order suspends the biweekly “actively seeking work” reporting requirement for those seeking unemployment benefits.

Reemployment Assistance Processed Claims:

From March 15, 2020 to April 15, 2020, the state notes that 141,451 claims went through the initial monetary determination process, which means that a decision has been made on whether individuals are monetarily eligible to receive reemployment assistance.

Reemployment Assistance Claims Paid:

From March 15, 2020 to April 15, 2020, the Florida Department of Economic Security issued 121,102 payments to individuals in reemployment assistance, totaling $47,544,993. This includes 33,623 individuals who applied for reemployment assistance benefits after March 15, 2020.

For the week of April 17, 2020, a total of 23,801 checks for $600 were sent to individuals through the CARES Act. These checks were sent via paper to ensure they were distributed as quickly as possible. Please be aware that any individuals who received their $600 check will receive their state benefits for reemployment assistance via direct deposit or prepaid debit card based on the preference selected in the application process.

Reemployment Assistance Initial Claims:

Statistics on initial claims filed for reemployment assistance are below.

  • For the week ending March 21, 2020, the state received 74,313 applications.
  • For the week ending March 28, 2020, the state received 228,484 applications.
  • For the week ending April 4, 2020, the state received 169,885 applications.
  • For the week ending April 11, 2020, the state received approximately 175,306 applications.

CARES Act Update:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provides benefits to those that may not be eligible for regular benefits, including individuals who are self-employed or independent contractors. The state is expected to provide additional information on PUA within the week.

System Enhancements:

The state announced that they will conduct routine maintenance to their CONNECT system to help with processing claims. Therefore, CONNECT will be unavailable from 8pm to 8am, daily. Any individuals who need to certify must log into CONNECT between 8am and 7:59pm, and log into the system during their scheduled reporting time, to have their claims processed in a timely manner. However, this maintenance will not affect anyone that needs to file a new claim. The CONNECT system will be available for new claims 24/7.

For more information about benefits, including how to apply and frequently asked questions, please visit the state’s website at


Our office will monitor COVID-19 updates closely and will send out additional announcements as we become aware of any updates. You can also review these updates on our website at too.

Please reach out to your representative with any questions.

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