Why Thomas & Company

What We Deliver…

As your unemployment cost control partner, we make sure you have the resources, knowledge and training you need to succeed. And while we leverage our technology to increase productivity, we believe that committed, passionate and accountable team members are the key to meeting each client’s unique needs. We’re here to help you increase profits, lessen your stress and improve your business operations.

More profit.

We turn what is otherwise considered a cost of doing business into an opportunity to save time and hard dollars that flow straight to your bottom line.

By aggressively protesting and winning UI claims, we insulate your organization from unwarranted costs. For example, we’ve increased many clients’ claims protest rates more than 20 percent and their win rates by more than 10 percent, which translates into significant cost savings. Rather than simply reacting to claims, we advise our clients on what to do to lower tax rates.

As a result of our partnership, your finance team will see an increase in operating income via lower state unemployment insurance tax rates. This is an “above the line” item from an accounting perspective and an excellent opportunity to generate income from an area that could be seen as a cost center. And it doesn’t stop there. We also help our clients prepare for the future by spotting trends and staying on top of legislative changes.

Less stress.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Let us ease your workload and stress level. We actively monitor claims, quickly alert you upon filing and then take ownership of the claim until it is properly resolved, which often means a successful protest. Throughout, you’ll receive the personal attention you deserve. Our client services department makes sure everything runs smoothly, with no missed deadlines or other unwelcome surprises. Additionally, our data security certifications and reporting capabilities are second to none.

Better business.

Every business is unique. That’s why we use our client-centered, detail-driven approach to drive results. We have the same commitment to service for our smallest clients as we do for our Fortune 50 partners. We insert ourselves into the process to build a custom approach that delivers best-in-class results.

Partnering with Thomas & Company allows you to direct additional bandwidth and budgeted dollars toward strategic initiatives.

By removing unnecessary administrative burden and eliminating financial waste through our services, your organization will realize improved human capital allocation. Insulating your team from last-minute, repetitive requests for information and freeing them from “busy work” leads to a better business model. These opportunities are rare and it requires a partner with the experience, proven results, data security certifications and best-in-class technology to deliver the results you deserve.

We’ve been building profitable partnerships for over 30 years, allowing us to develop an unrivaled knowledge base and a stellar team that delivers value beyond your expectations. And as proof, we’ll provide you with intuitive, user-friendly reports so you can see – and show – the results of our partnership.