The Thomas & Company Difference

Since our inception, Thomas & Company has delivered best-in-class service through our “client-centered, detail-driven” model. Three core values clearly set Thomas & Company apart from the competition:

People Drive Our Process

We use technology to enhance our services, not drive our process. While technology is leveraged to increase productivity, we believe committed, passionate and accountable team members are the key to meeting each client’s unique needs.

Commitment to Quality

At Thomas & Company, we understand the difference between being a vendor and serving as a partner. With multiple levels of quality control embedded in our systems, exceptional quality is standard operating procedure.

While some vendors are attempting to commoditize their offerings, Thomas & Company continues to devote the necessary resources to deliver a superior return on investment to our partners.

Trust Our Longevity

Large scale acquisitions have greatly impacted our industry over the last decade. Some organizations chose to sell their client base and reenter the marketplace under new company names.

Thomas & Company’s path has been much different. We have provided an uninterrupted service to our clients and declined to profit from the sale of their agreements. The result has been the development of an unrivaled knowledge base and professional staff that delivers value beyond the capabilities of those who have disbanded and are attempting to rebuild.

We believe trust is a deciding factor in choosing a business partner!