About Us

Who is Thomas & Company?

The largest privately held service provider in our industry, Thomas & Company (formerly Thomas & Thorngren) provides our clients with unmatched unemployment cost control, employment verification and tax credit services.

Unemployment insurance cost management is our specialty. We’ve been in the industry for over 35 years and have established a track record that is longer and more impressive than any of our competitors’. We’ll stack our protest rates, win rates, recovered taxes and record of reduced tax rates up against anybody. Our confidence stems from the fact that we love what we do and we have a rate of successful competitive conversions unmatched in our industry, and raving fans to support our success.

Thomas & Company is the most trusted brand in our industry because we live the values we were founded on: trust, deep expertise, a focus on people, and responsive and proactive service that’s centered on results. Read more about the Thomas & Company difference.

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